DFS and Windows 10
Hi all, sorry for writing in english since I don't speak german that well yet. I've been using DFS for more than 10 years now in different OS without problems, but since updating from Windows 8.1 to 10 a couple of months back I've been encountering a problem with the program. It runs without any problem but after some time it looks like it gets slower until it does not respond for a few seconds, then my screen goes black for 2-3 seconds and the image comes back. The program then runs normal for some time until it happens again. Anyone has encountered this issue before? Maybe the problem comes from my GPU and not the OS?
I think nobody can help with the information. More detailed information is required for this. Being sick is also not a diagnosis by a doctor.  Smile
Usually, DFS runs without problems on Windows 10.
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I have the same issue for several months now and that's the reason I will abandon DFS now after many years (I started using it when it still received updates, so plenty of years ago).

This issue often occurs when I hover over the round overview (the column in the bottom center between the games overview and the scorer/game details). I don't know what update created this issue (maybe Windows or NVIDIA) but it's unusable because the screen goes black every few minutes (when I hovered over the round overview multiple times) and the whole screen settings are set back like the color profile of the screen which I need to switch off and on again. Additionally it will completely crash the Browser so if I watch i.e. Netflix while being in DFS it crashes my browser completely and it takes some time to recover. I don't want to know what this issue causes in the background that I'm not aware of...what's odd is that it seems that only a few people have this error or maybe DFS is not used by many people anymore.

Can I help solving this issue/providing logs?

Have you had your Windows version autoupdated recently? The October 2020 update might be the culprit, but since users receive it at different times, any problems will not be apparent at once.

Otherwise, troubleshoot the issue by running Windows in safe mode, disabling software that might interfere etc. DFS is usually well behaved and I have never seen it mess with other programs, let alone crash them.

As a last resort, you may want to set up a virtual machine and transfer your files there. Windows XP will be enough and can run fine with as little as 512 MB RAM allocated.

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