Database wappens
I was a big fan of and I was very sad that they closed the site. As I am a user of Das Fussball Studio and as I read that the data had been transferred to Logic I was hopeful that the wappens had not been lost, but I cannot find it. Can you tell me how to get to the database of logos? Thank you.
Greetings from Azores
Hi Luis,

I think, you are the same person, who wrote me an e-mail yet. Please check your inbox, I answered you there a few minutes ago.
I couldn't reply to your private message because you disabled this function.
Die deutsche Rechtschreibung ist Freeware, sprich, man kann sie kostenlos nutzen. Allerdings ist sie nicht Open Source, d.h. man darf sie nicht verändern oder in veränderter Form veröffentlichen.

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