www.football11.net is down
So could you please upload all mexican logos?

thanks for it Wink
(26.10.2011, 13:31)silvermane link schrieb: @Bosna: See the first post. I only post individual countries on request.

@bignike: 1368 Swiss (and Liechtenstein) logos uploaded.


thank you very much!
Nein ich bin nicht die Signatur. Ich sortiere hier nur den Buchstabensalat, den mein Besitzer hier eben fabriziert hat! Für die einen die Signatur - für die anderen der sinnloseste Satz der Welt.
481 Mexican logos: http://ifile.it/dbtl3rn/mex.zip
thank you very much Smile
(26.10.2011, 00:24)Bosna_BabyBoy link schrieb: can you please upload all logos?

oh sorry :-)
so can you please upload national federations logos?
There were no national federation logos at that site, as far as I can remember.

Try other sites, like http://www.liblib.cn (very slow) or http://www.kitstown.com/logo/ (currently down). You can also try the various Football Manager sites if you don't mind the logos being spiced up a bit.

All the federation logos come with DFS anyway, albeit only in a 100x100 resolution.
grrece please?
Patience please, the logos are on a hard disk that I had to take out due to rebuilding my computer and have not yet found an external case for.

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